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course, if your sympathies are not fully with the movement,

I shan't insist, but-----"   And Mr. Bill had seized him by

the arm and bellowed at him. They were kind. They were
giving him a lift, helping his law practice by putting him
up in front of people. And it would help.

He could tell that the rally was going well; better, prob-
ably, than the most sanguine had dared to hope. Since they
had mounted the platform and the silence had fallen over
the people, Mr. Christian's face had burned with a great ex-
citement. He sat leaning forward in his chair, his heavy
boots set squarely on the boards, and his wide, pale blue eyes
roved constantly over the crowd as though to seize them and
compel them, every man. He had not changed that posture
since Brother Morgan, the Methodist preacher, had opened
the rally with a prayer that this great occasion might serve
in the end to glorify the goodness of God as well as to
increase the prosperity of His children upon earth. Mr.
Munn had speculated a little at the presence of Brother
Morgan and at his apparent enthusiasm for the Association
of Growers of Dark Fired Tobacco; but shortly he had re-
membered that Mr. Sills was a rich man and that he was a
power in the First Methodist Church of Bardsville.

The two short speeches before the Senator's had gone well,
speeches outlining the method of organization of the Associa-
tion, and the finandal relation of members to the Associa-
tion. But the Senator's speech was the big one.

The Senator was, Mr. Munn decided, a real orator—no
»tisg and bellowing, but perfect composure or ardent ges-
ture as the moment demanded, and always that flowing,
faH compelling voice moving out over the lifted faces. The
tkoc was ripe, he had said, for a struggle for the rights of
Hbe people of this section. It was against all justice for the
jfffce of the staple product of thousands upon thousands of
f*qpfe to k set, not by a competitive process of buying, but
Iff Ac cold-blooded and malicious agreement of buyers with-
*tt nfagacx to the commercial worth of the product, to
the faratiiKnt of capital, to the sweat of the brow and the